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[12 Dec 2017|09:20pm]


Hey everyone! This is Caroline and she will hopefully be joining your ranks with tomorrow’s adds.

Caroline is an NYC native, born and raised on the Upper East Side. She graduated from Columbia SIPA with a degree in management and is currently getting her business MA. She’s taking it kind of slow since she also owns and runs a used bookstore in Midtown. She makes scarves, hats, mittens and socks for homeless shelters and helps organize her sorority’s (Kappa Alpha Thera) coat drive.

Personality wise, Caroline comes off as very dry and serious until she warms up. Even then she isn’t exactly gregarious. She’s quiet and kind but not a door mat. When she’s done, she’s done and will let you know.

She could do with a sprinkle of everything. And if there is something you think she could fill for you, let me know.
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[04 Dec 2017|04:53pm]


Hi ~na! I just got done applying this girl so I wanted to reach out for lines!! This is Presley and she's 27. She works at a PR agency as a fashion publicist. Originally, she's from Houston, Texas but her dad moved her and her younger brother to New York when she was 16, after her mom died. They lived on the Upper East Side so she ran around with the Upper East Siders (and still does) getting into whatever she could and sneaking out for city adventures. When she graduated from High School she went to NYU for two years (2008-2010ish) then dropped out to follow a boyfriend to LA. That lasted a year and she ended up back in New York. She finished school in 2013 so any classmates from NYU during that time would be awesome!! She lives in Tribeca now and works in Chelsea so neighbors and people she runs into all the time are amazing too. An ex from when she was still in high school would be fun or one after 2013 just be aware that she's a spoiled brat who likes to party. There's much more about her here .

If anyone is interested in bringing in another character, I would also love to have some drama with her "stepmom" who's married to Presley's record producer father. Her stepmom is 22 barely older than Presley's younger brother.

In the meantime let's brainstorm and make up some awesome things.
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[01 Dec 2017|06:06pm]


hallo! the savage bunny is back and ready to eat pizza with anyone who's down. like adrian below, he was here a few months ago. he's [info]adrn's manager and partner in crime, russian born and a visa immigrant for the past almost-3 years. originally he came to america to work in his father's nightclub in chelsea but has since made a career as a mini scooter braun. he's 22, a total extrovert, and hard-nosed businessman underneath it all. he lives in brooklyn. anyone that might know him through the club, dog-walking, pizza-loving or you get the idea, let's talk! also i would love to keep his old connections. any gap in interaction can easily be chalked up to his traveling around the world in the past few months.
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[01 Dec 2017|05:14pm]


guess who's back, back again? adrian (formerly ~abrito) was here for a while earlier this year, some might recognize his face from back then. he's the same guy though much matured over the last few months.

originally from miami, he's been living in nyc for about 6-7 years now. an electronic dance music producer and dj, and co-owner of an upstart record label. he's by no means famous, but does enjoy touring on the music festival circuit several months out of the year. he also has a monthly residency at a nightclub in manhattan where any of your club bopper kids can find him behind the decks. expressive, driven, loyal, and very secure in who he is - he actually makes a great friend once people get to know him.

i would love to rekindle old connections and spark up some new ones, so what've you got for us?
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